Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dodgeball... You're Out!

Let's face it. The traditional game of dodgeball, while the intentions were great, cannot be played in schools today. When it first came about, dodgeball was not meant for bullies to pick on their favorite prey and it did not physically or emotionally torment students. Unfortunately, the world we live in today unintentionally places negative schema's on games like dodgeball because it uses human targets. So, if we bend the rules of dodgeball -  where the main objective is to aim the ball at other human targets - we must give it a new name and therefore a new purpose so that the cognitive and affective aspects of the game can be positive for all students. I feel that if you are going to play a game like dodgeball in Physical Education class, then at least 80% of the students should want to play, while you strive to make it successful and enjoyable and active for the other students. 

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