Thursday, February 12, 2009

St Mary's Lab 1

And so it begins... 

My journey into the fun world of Physical Education, I can now say, has officially begun. In PED 201, Block 1 of my formal teaching, we were able to get our first real field experience as teachers. I'm very glad I brought energy and enthusiasm for the day because the Pre K children I worked with kept me on my toes! This age group had creative imaginations, short attention spans, and similar abilities when it came to coloring, building, and playing in the gym with different balls, hoops, and activities. Boys and girls enjoyed playing together and showed similarities in ability. For instance, when we hopped, skipped, and jumped through the hoops it was clear that all of the students were around the same level. I noticed the older students in the gym were more separated between boys and girls and had obvious differences in ability. It was an overall great first experience! These children will keep us young as we match their energy levels and motivate them to new heights. I'm excited to see what next week will bring as I work more closely with the older students. 

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